John Aspinall - Brand Evangelist

John Aspinall - Brand Evangelist

30 Seconds about John Aspinall

John Aspinall is a seasoned expert in e-commerce and digital marketing, currently rocking it as a brand evangelist for PickFu. Known for his insights on improving CTR and optimizing product packaging, he’s all about using A/B testing and data to get real results. John loves showing brands how to create stunning hero images using Canva and improve their packaging design. He also coaches and consults on strategy and helps people validate their product sourcing with PickFu. With a track record of working with top agencies and companies, he’s all about boosting growth and connecting with customers in smarter ways.

What I Do at PickFu

Advocacy and Education: Educating brands and sellers about the importance of consumer research and data-driven decision-making through webinars, podcasts, and masterclasses.

Content Creation: Developing engaging and informative content, including articles, case studies, and social media posts, showcasing real-world applications and success stories of PickFu's tools.

Partnership Development: Collaborating with industry partners, influencers, and thought leaders to extend PickFu's reach and create mutually beneficial opportunities.

Community Engagement: Actively engaging with the e-commerce community, answering questions, providing support, and sharing insights on various platforms.

My Professional Journey

Amazon Agencies and Brand Partnerships: Worked at full-service Amazon agencies, helping brands navigate the complexities of selling on Amazon, spanning both 3P and 1P partnerships.

Manufacturing Expertise: Experience at manufacturing facilities, bridging the gap between production and sales.

Innovation and Patents: Holder of multiple utility patents, contributing to product development and improvement.

Podcast Hosting: Former podcast host at a full-service agency, sharing insights and interviewing industry experts.

Areas of Expertise

Amazon CTR Optimization: Specializing in improving click-through rates (CTR) on Amazon.

Amazon Merchandising: Deep understanding of Amazon merchandising.

Brand Merchandising: Creating cohesive and attractive product displays.

Consulting and Coaching: Providing consulting and coaching services to increase revenue without additional spending.

Ad Optimization: Assisting brands in optimizing their Amazon ads with proper creatives.

AI in E-commerce: Leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance e-commerce operations.

Canva Proficiency: Creating professional and engaging visuals using Canva.

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